The Titanium Infomercial Package

Client Investment: $165,800.00

Houston Digital Studios will script and produce a 30-minute infomercial for your product or service, will perform market research for placement (including Nielsen and Scarborough data), and will develop an air plan for the infomercial for one packaged price. As always, each package is customized to meet your specific needs as an advertiser. It’s important to us that your media plan succeeds, because when your business grows, so does ours.

Our Gold Long Format package includes a set, a light grid with appropriate artistic lighting, a crew including audio engineer, DP and Assistant, Director and Production Assistant, as well as on screen talent. Treatment, scripting, talent rehearsal, set/prop acquisition and scheduling are also included. As always, full pre-production, production and post (editing) with 3D animation, CG text and effects, as well as music and voice-over are standard in every production we do.

Our writing team includes highly skilled NLP trained Hay/McBer consultants, professional script writers, and even comedians. We have covered our bases well, and believe we offer the best of the best for a very wide variety of client needs. We include our writing talent at no additional charge to you, because we love repeat business. We know a successful campaign will grow your company, and when the time is right, you’ll invite us to perform for you again.

What’s so different about this package?

This package is the same as the Platinum Package, but with a huge difference. This infomercial is recorded on a 35MM Film Camera. Prior to production, we conduct extensive testing to determine which film stocks, emulsions, and shoot circumstances will produce the kinesthetic we desire in each scene to be filmed. In this package, the director of photography is afforded greater freedom and is provided with whatever assistants are necessary to accomplish the needed shots. Also, much greater attention is placed upon choosing on-camera talent, resulting in a more effective message delivery.

Some Of What’s Included:

3 Production Days (10 hrs each)
Full Scripting
Unlimited actors with emphasis on recognizable celebrity status
Voice Over Talent
Unlimited sets or locations including two custom built sets
Arriflex 35BL-4 with all lenses chosen by DP and Director
2nd AC
Gaffer and assistant with 5-ton grip truck
Audio Engineer
Prop Master
Production Assistant
Full Post (editing, animated CG, foley, music, etc.)
100 hours of 3D animation production
Craft Services

Additional 3D modeling and Animation are available upon request.

This package, like all of our packages, can be altered to meet your needs. Just let us know what you’d like to change.

Specialty Props such as hang-gliders, giant lizards, more than 2 gallons of any substance, or anything we determine to be unreasonably difficult to acquire may become the responsibility of the client. We will, of course, do everything we can do to assist in the acquisition of these necessities.

Depending on show complexity, most infomercials take 2 days to shoot and a week to edit, but the development process can take 2-3 weeks or longer depending on script complexity and client alterations.

We encourage you to shop around… If you find better pricing, or a better demo reel, please let us know. We are very confident in our offering, and we want you to be an educated advertiser.


All rights to packaged productions belong to the client (you), with the exception of exhibition by Houston Digital Studios for demonstration purposes only.